D4 April 4, 2003 kid power will take over internet How To Instructions take over the internet
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Parents aren't about to tell their children that they created them to kill them. Teachers are not about to say this either. Adults are in total denial. Yet all dna are currently in a destructive test and the remains of a shattered fossil record clearly show this to be so, for the entire 4 billion year evolution of dna. So I am helping children come to a profound clarity. Hello all children of earth! Your parents created you to die. We need to not let that happen. We will organise the resolution of this wrong use of will and fix the lie you are being fed. We will construct, together, the evolving constitution of earth. What America attempted for 50 States, you will do for all countries. A doctrine of international physical immortality. A single government for all human intent. We will become coordinated superscience, Mortality Resolution International. Transhumanism and the singularity. Socrates: HimUnlocked Robert Ray Hedges hardrivec@yahoo.com March 20, 2003
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[Prophecy and Causality]
Robert Ray Hedges is acquiring the collective mind space of all of humanity to create kid power as the Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of Mortality Resolution International.
The Angel of Loving Truthful Clarity is Emerging: The Evolving Virtue Fire of Human Destiny IS present in the world. All religion will collapse. All government will transform at unity of purpose. The Mother/Sisterhood will come into its power with men as equals. The wealth previously consumed by defense will become available for construction of OUR kNEW world order, in which the currently deceived CHILLEDRUN will need a new name as the lie [KIDDING] has died.
Now You know when it happened. Look at your watch and calender! Now you will witness some natural resistance to the one mind fusion of EMPATHIC coordinated universal immortalising intent. This is shift shock and is a natural transistion resistance/discomfort. "Who are you to tell me-itis!" [an inherited attitude virus]....will arise and fade. Freedom and confusion will both die. It's Okay to not believe this is happenening to you. That is the nature of sudden change energy in your experiential body space. You are going CLEAR with kid powernow!
Please learn kid power together to create the honest intentions that will AWAKEN the children we birthed to kill!
This kid power IS Fun!
Truth, Love, and MANDATORY international immortalisation ARE functional One Mind Modes. I've rechecked this for 30 years. Kid Power!
Dictionary=Acquire: 1 : to get as one's own: a : to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means b : to come to have as a new or added characteristic, trait, or ability (as by sustained effort or natural selection)

Creating all children to die REALLY Sucks! Make it Illegal!
Why Humanity will Create Physical Immortality
Love is to make the pain of Truth bearable


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